As matured women, we have experienced both joyful and painful moments. We understand that life could be a rollercoaster, from good times to bad times and back to good times again.

While maturity is not age-dependent, we have experienced life and are mature in some respects. Our 40s, 50s and beyond should be the best years of our lives and as matured women we should not define ourselves through the lens of others. At this age, we should already know ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin. We must stop seeking outside validation and learn to be less critical of ourselves.

Everyone goes through things. Be less critical of yourself and stop being judgemental of others when you don't even know their pain. Click To Tweet

In the same vein, as matured women we must learn to be more tolerating and accepting of other people. Experience has taught us that no one is a saint, and everyone goes through things. We should try to stop being judgmental of others as we don’t know their pain.

The old belief of how matured women live their lives by being fearful, ugly, sick, sexless and alone should be shattered. A matured woman in the 21st century is bold, sexy, vibrant and fashionable and filled with creative ideas and passion.

We might not follow the new fashion styles blindly, but we sure do have our own style! So, let’s enjoy our years!