Ageism is a type of discrimination towards older people, it is not a disease. It is a normal process of life and as we age, we have the cumulative experiences of how we coped with the ups and downs of life, which is part of the perspective and wisdom an older person can offer to the world.

Ageism is a global thing. In every culture and society older people are likely seen to be a burden, often devalued, marginalized, or talked over and seen as a drain on resources rather than a resource in themselves.

Most times we as older adults tend to internalize this discrimination to the extent that we feel devalued and useless, and this becomes very dangerous to our mental well-being and the way we see life generally. We then stop socializing with friends and family and keep to ourselves. If we do not stop internalizing the discrimination around us, we may fall into depression, we then become worthless.

It is very true there are many challenges that come with aging and often, we need to make adjustments. However, it is also an exciting time to continue to learn, grow, evolve, and show the world that we have so much to offer and can be role models and mentors to the younger generation.

As older people, we must refuse to internalize the discrimination around us so that we will not fall into depression or become worthless. Click To Tweet

We must therefore confront our internalized ageism to be able to recognize the possibilities and opportunities ahead.

The Bible says in the book of Job chapter 32 verse 7 that, “Days will speak, and multitude of years will teach wisdom.”

I wish everyone one of us a happy International Day of Older Persons.