Aging gracefully means different things to different people. To some it means being elegant and to others it means being refined and graceful.

But essentially, aging gracefully is accepting and understanding who you are and what you want in life. Most of us fail to look inwards to tackle these deep issues.

Aging gracefully may also be the key to developing a sense of curiosity which will help us to build our independence and empower us to add more value to our lives.

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We are aging gracefully when we are eager (instead of being resistant) to take up new challenges, learn new skills and change some of our behaviors. The attitude of resistance leads to a dead end.

We can also age gracefully by changing our narratives. Stop repeating the same story of what happened to you 10 years ago. Leave the story where it belongs – in the past. If we must say anything let’s start with telling people about our new adventures, skills and talents. Let’s talk about our grandchildren.

And we should always remember that in some respect, age is just a number. For instance as we are in the year 2021 here in Nigeria, according to Ethiopia’s calendar they are just in year 2013 and we are in the same world.