Our vision is a precious gift from God, but as we go on our aging journey some of us experience some health problems in our vision. Some of the common eye problems we may experience are:

Distortion of objects or the appearance of dark spots in the central field of our vision.

This eye problem may or may not be cured permanently but it could be treated with injections, oral medications or surgery to slow down the progression.

Diabetes can result in damaging the blood vessels in the retina of the eyes.

This may cause blurred vision, double vision or pain in the eyes. Surgery or the use of oral medications may reduce the loss of vision.

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Glaucoma could cause a permanent loss of vision.

If you do not visit your optician regularly, for a general check up on your eyes, you might not know that you have it until it is too late. If detected early, glaucoma can be treated with oral medications or the use of eye drops.


It involves the clouding of the lens of the eyes. It develops slowly and sometimes doesn’t require initial intervention. When cataract begins to seriously affect your vision, surgery is the only treatment to correct it.

To avoid all these eye problems we really need to take care of our eyes just like we take care of all the other organs in our body.

Here are some ways to do this:

  • We should always wear sunglasses when we are outdoors during the day. Sunglasses cover and protect our eyes from the effect of the sun.
  • Exercising regularly will also improve the blood circulation in our eyes.

In conclusion, the earlier we start protecting our eyes in life the better for our vision as we age.