Love is strong. And we don’t have to be perfect to love.

Among other things, love causes us to have empathy and compassion for people around us.

Showing love does not mean that we have become passive or that we have allowed other people to walk over us. Love covers a lot of weaknesses and imperfections.

We all have imperfections but most of us have never considered how these imperfections affect people around us. At some point in our lives we have unconsciously made people upset with our attitude and behaviour and moved on because we were not conscious of what we did.

We all have weaknesses and imperfections. Love can motivate us to find strength in our weaknesses and help others do the same. Click To Tweet

Knowing that we are loved helps us to find strength in weakness. Just as we have received love from others even when we didn’t acknowledge it, we must extend the same to others.

Love can motivate us to find strength in our weaknesses and help others do the same instead of complaining about everything in life. We have to learn how to tolerate one another irrespective of our weaknesses.

As we consciously practise this, we will develop endurance and strength of character. No matter what is going on in our lives we have to endure and be tolerant of other people. We need to have the strength to listen to what people are telling us before we talk.

It’s important that we listen more and talk less. We must learn to tolerate others irrespective of age, race, social status and background.

Accepting our weakness and admitting vulnerability reflects our strength. Only a strong person has the power to expose their flaws without feeling ashamed.