We all take our time to plan and make a big preparation for our wedding day but most of us don’t even think about planning and preparing for our marriage after retirement.

Retirement often has an unexpected impact on relationships. It can be a fulfilling and happy time for quite a lot of people and it can also be a challenging time for other couples. Initially, it may sound great that now that you are both retired both of you will have more time to spend with each other, but as days, weeks and months go by it ceases to be what you have envisaged.

Here are some tips to help you have a healthy relationship with your spouse after retirement.

After retirement, there might be a few changes in your behaviour or that of your partner, such as drinking too much alcohol. Try and discuss these changes with your partner because it might be a clue that one or both of you are struggling with life after retirement.

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Take time to think and rediscover yourself. Revive some of the interests you had when you were younger which you had to give up because you were so busy with the hustle and bustle of life. Now that you have all the time, go back and revive the interest. You never know, your partner might get interested and get involved.

When you retire your income reduces and this might cause one of you to think of making drastic budgetary changes which might cause a lot of conflict. But instead of arguing both of you should sit down and have an honest conversation with each other.

You and your partner should find ways to support and encourage each other to make your retirement years the best years by giving yourselves some time to adjust to retirement and make gradual changes.