Does menopause mean saying bye-bye to sex? No. Menopause shouldn’t mean a farewell to your sex life.

Menopause has both negative and positive impact on your sex life. The positive impact is that you will never have to worry anymore about menstrual periods and pains and you will also be able to have sex whenever you like and as often as you want without worrying about getting pregnant.

The negative effects of menopause are numerous and they are not always the same with every woman. Every woman’s menopause experience is always totally different.

During menopause the levels of the hormones called estrogen and progesterone reduce. This may cause sex drive and libido to drastically change in some women. Some women will also experience vagina dryness which makes sexual intercourse unpleasant and painful because of the low level of blood flow into the vagina.

Menopause has both positive and negative effects but it shouldn’t mean a farewell to your sex life. Click To Tweet

There are also some troublesome symptoms that can affect sex drive during menopause. Some of them are:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue

With all these troublesome symptoms you can still enjoy your sex life by:

  • Doing some pelvic floor exercises to stop the loss of bladder control problem and some other exercises such us press-ups, walking and strength exercises to boost your stamina and energy.
  • To help with the problem of vagina dryness, you can use tropical estrogen creams to lubricate the vagina.
  • Massaging some specific parts of the body can also help your sex life
It is important for you and your spouse to discuss the changes in your body and sex life due to menopause. Click To Tweet

You need to increase closeness with your spouse and spend more time together. Communication is key. So it is important to discuss the changes in your body and sex life due to menopause.