How do you keep all the lovely greeting cards you have received over the years?

Over the years, you might have received loads of greeting cards for your birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other special occasions. These cards might have been given to you by your children, grandchildren, colleagues, family members, friends and others.

We all have the habit of holding on to these cards because they are somewhat special to us and thereby difficult to dispose of them. We tend to keep them as keepsake but as time elapses, they become overwhelming, and the sentiments attached to them becomes blurry.

Due to this, we start thinking that the spaces once allocated to them could serve a better purpose for something else. We then have to make the difficult decision as to which greeting cards to throw away and which ones to keep or even consider throwing them all out.

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To make the right decisions, we should take a few things into consideration. These include:

  • Check if the card is from someone very special to you.
  • Read through the messages written in each card and see how you still feel about the messages.
  • If you are creative person study the pictures on the card to see if you can use the card to make jigsaw puzzles or a scrapbook for your grandchildren.

Once you have thought through the aforementioned considerations, you can decide to scan some of the cards and keep them on your computer or in an online storage space such as Google Drive or DropboxYou may also want to transfer the messages that are really important to you into a journal.

Ultimately, don’t feel bad about it if you have to discard greeting cards. The cards have served their purpose and what you do with them does not detract from your sense of appreciation.