Have you noticed that the love between you and your partner is gradually evaporating since you both retired? There may be many reasons why this is happening but one of the major causes could be that over the years both of you have been speaking different love languages to each other unknowingly.

Love language is the way you want your loved ones to express love to you. Different people speak different love languages like we speak different native languages. For example, you might be speaking the Mandarin language while your partner speaks the Arabic language. It does not matter how hard you try and express love to him or her in the Mandarin language he or she can never understand that you are expressing love to her because they speak a different language.

Research has shown that there are five different love languages as popularised by Gary Chapman. These are:

❖ Words of Affirmation: The person whose love language is words of affirmation appreciates short and simple verbal compliments such as “you look very pretty in this dress”, “I don’t take you for granted”. These short and powerful words mean a lot and go a long way for a person with this love language.

Acts of Service: People who speak this love language want you to do things for them especially when you do it out of your own free will. To them “Actions speak louder than words”.

It is never too late to make some corrections in order to enjoy a peaceful and happy marriage after years of hard work. Click To Tweet

Receiving Gifts: To some people giving them meaningful and thoughtful gifts makes them feel very loved and appreciated. This does not necessarily mean that they are materialistic. A bar of their favourite chocolate is enough for them.

❖ Quality Time: All that some people want is simply for you to spend quality time without any distractions with them. All they want from you is to put all your focus on them.

❖ Physical Touch: An individual that speaks this love language feels more loved and connected in a relationship by holding hands, giving pecks and hugs. This does not mean that they are necessarily into an over-the-top physical display of action.

Your love does not need to evaporate after retirement. Both partners could try to learn and understand each other’s love language. It is never too late to make some corrections in order to enjoy a peaceful and happy marriage after years of hard work.