There is no other organ of the body as diverse as the brain, and as we age, we lose some of the cells in our brain. This may lead to dementia for some people as no two brains age the same way.

One of the most powerful ways of taking care of our ‘brain health’ is by having positive thoughts about aging.

Studies have shown that people that have negative thoughts about aging and say things such as “I am too old to do this” are the ones that have the highest risk of developing brain issues such as dementia.

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However, people with positive age beliefs are less likely to develop dementia because of the following:

  • They can deal with stress.
  • They refuse to focus on their age; to them age is just a number.
  • They are not stuck in the culture in which they find themselves.
  • They know that they are not perfect and that it is sometimes acceptable to misbehave.

To avoid suffering from brain issues, always choose to see the positive effects of aging irrespective of what is happening within you and around you.