When we were younger we could say no to anything and anywhere, but as we grow into our teenage years our freedom to say no is being replaced by the desire to please others. By the time we are between ages forty to fifty we have totally lost our freedom to say no.

With our freedom gone, all we now know how to do is putting others first sometimes to our own detriment.

In this new year we should try and learn to put ourselves first, there is an adage that says that “You cannot give what you don’t have” which means that if you don’t take care of yourself you cannot take care of others.

To put yourself before others you must keep and guard your privacy. You can do this by:

– Keeping an open mind

– Knowing what you want and how close you want to be to other people.

– Knowing when and where to say no.

In this new year let us try and practise self-care by learning to think of ourselves first, because if we really think about it nobody is going to take care of us.

They are all hustling to make ends meet, so we are the least of their problems. And we should also learn to say no without explanation.

This year will cooperate with us and favour us in the mighty name of Jesus.