To most of us, our home is a place of rest and relaxation after a long day’s work. However now that we have to spend most of our time at home, everything including our energy changes.

It now becomes very difficult and sometimes impossible to be productive while cooped up inside the house. But we can overcome the productivity challenge that comes with this phase by trying out some of the following ideas:

  • Allocate different places in your house as workspaces for different projects. This will leave your bed and the couch in the sitting room as a place where you can rest and relax when you feel tired.
  • Take time to write down your to-do list. Try and do this daily because it will give you a clear and concise idea of things that you need to do.
  • Celebrate and reward yourself after crossing things off your to-do list. This will motivate you to always write your to-do list and also work with the list.
  • Always try and be time-conscious because time waits for no man. The fact that you are retired does not mean that you should be in bed till 12 noon; so go to bed early and wake up early so as to be able to do all the tasks in your list.
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I am not saying that all these ideas will work for everybody, but you can at least give some of them a try.