As adults, we have forgotten how to play because of all we have gone through in life.

Playing is an activity that one could engage in unconsciously. We can let down our guard, lose track of time and just have fun.

When we were children, we were not taught how to play, it was automatic because we did not have anything to worry about. I think that as senior citizens we should now try and stop being too serious about life and learn to rediscover playfulness because of the following:

● As eating healthy is very important to our general well-being, playing is also very important.
● It fosters empathy and promotes a sense of belonging.
● It is an immune system booster.
● It improves our mental health; Studies have shown that lack of play has been connected to depression, anger, and various types of addictions.
● It brings out your creative fun side.

The following could help to rediscover how to play:

● You could get yourself involved in some of your grandchildren’s activities.
● Listen to music and dance along with the music.
● Go for a walk, listening to music and singing as you are walking.
● Go to the beach and jump in and out of the waves.
● Start learning a craft.

As adults some of us are too obsessed with looking perfect and always being in control. Let us have fun and embrace our midlife by letting our inner child out to rediscover how to play.