As we age, we sometimes feel that our life is going down a slippery slope, our thinking and behaviour changes and this happens because of the culture we find ourselves which has made us believe that as a senior citizen there are some things that are expected of us. We are to ask for permission and judge everything we do against the impossible standards placed on us.

It is time we stopped focusing on our age which is just a number and instead start thinking of our lives as a book with many chapters. You are the only one that can write your own story because life is a very interesting story. Therefore, you cannot remain stuck in one place.

Stop focusing on your age which is just a number and instead start thinking of your life as a book with many chapters. It's time to write your own story. Click To Tweet

Writing our stories is a courageous act that stops the self-limiting voices which tell us that “you can’t do this”, “what do you think people will say about you?”

It is time for us to know when not to listen to this inner voice and when to tell the voice to stop. It is the age to stop being a people pleaser and start editing our stories by choosing the way we want to live and redefine “good” to “being happy”.

Stop listening to the old ideas of what is acceptable at your age and instead, start thinking of what is going to make you happy at this age. It’s time to start writing your own story.